What to do?

Sometimes you have something to do that you can not do yourself. Sometimes you want to offer a service because you can do it well. Then here could be the following:

     Hello! I dedicate myself to acting in the evening. Unfortunately I can not live on it yet. That’s why I have time to offer more services. I can help in the household, do shopping or take over messenger services.

… or something like this:

     I’m not feeling well at the moment because I’m sick. That’s why I need help. I’m looking for someone who wipes with me and buys for me.

You can also form working groups here. You create a project and invite team members. This can be the next garden party or the creation of a website.

As a new Dooit user, you should visit your dashboard to create new jobs or surf in existing jobs. With jobs we do not mean permanent jobs in this case! Have fun!